The Writing of the Riner's Bio (lipglosskid) wrote,
The Writing of the Riner's Bio

Overnight Turn Aside

Today was my last day at my summer assignment (the 9th grade writing class and the 12th grade AP class). It was kind of a bummer. The kids were nice though and said nice things. One girl hugged me and thanked me for giving her "A"s on her tests (I told her she earned them.. I thought I was grading too hard). Tomorrow I have my first official function of my real employment. It is this informational meeting with the district and then a free meal and then a meeting at the school itself. I should be getting things like the keys to my room and introductions to the support staff. Its crazy.

People keep asking me if I'm nervous/excited/scared/etc. The funny thing is that I've been too busy to worry about it! I swear. I mean, check it out- I stop being a student the day before I start being a professional, thats intense. Additionally, on top of the summer assignment the past few months have been crazy busy with working, playing with the band, spending a lot of good time with friends, and enjoying a casual dating life. I'm making sure to really use my time well because even though I'm kinda bogged down with some responsibilities, I know that as soon as those kids walk in my room on the 7th, my personal time- let alone a serious relationship- will be hard to come by.

Ok.. that was the stairway to a tangent.

So yeah. Its just crazy that by this time tomorrow it will have begun my career. I just dont have time to get too anxious or paranoid (which is good, trust me). I'm just going in warm from being in classrooms of all types of the past six months and ready to go. I think it may be better this way. Plus, though i had to endure some confusion and such, I've really made the most of my summer, which is a plus... That is, until next summer puts this to shame: target Canada and Germany! wee!!

In other subjects, tonight we took my mom out for dinner and a few tables away they were filiming an episode of Blind Date. It was weird to see it in real life.

John Kerry was on the Daily Show. I hope some of you caught it.

Ok. Off to bed (supposedly) before my first big time meeting!
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good luck man!! you'll do just fine :D enjoy it.

dude im proud of ya doin this teacher thing and all.. :) way to go justin!
Thanks Omar! Thats sweet of you!
hey i wanted to tell you how happy i am for you. this all sounds fun and like a journey you will ALWAYS remember. i can not wait till i start mine. your a real good guy have a good soul. i always can tell just by the soul and i read it everyday with you. even if you did miss my b-day post i still think your rad. marc
thanks marc.. thats very sweet! and it is really exciting. Good luck with all you're working at!
man, i have always wanted to go somewhere where they are filming blind date at the same time. i'm so jealous.
Yeah... I was praying for a fight or screaming or something.. but no luck.
good luck with your meeting!!
happy first day of the rest of your life.

i was going to be on blind date once, but it turned out i wasn't tall enough. TRUE STORY.
Aww.. too short? Bummer.

Someone messaged me on Friendster once who did casting for that show and said I looked like I'd be good for it. I'm not sure how i was supposed to take it.

About two years ago i woulda jumped at that chance!
yeah, i guess you have to be like 5' 9" to drive those big ol' ford explorers or something. i missed it by an inch (that's what she said).
wow! how exciting, justin! i'm so happy for you. i know that you'll do a good job because you are just SPIFFY. good luck!