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The Writing of the Riner's Bio

So long, you'll feel like you were there.... OR Its not easy being green

So, Tuesday I was a student teacher, under the wing of a "master teacher" finishing my credential work.. by Wednesday morning I was a professional having my first district seminar. Its very surreal and since I have less rush and buss on my shoulders, the thing is really hitting me.

So there was this informational meeting/brunch for the new teachers this morning . There were tables set up for each of the schools (eleven total) and so i wandered around to find Muir, I found it at the front of the banquet room. The table was full except one seat and the first thing I noticed was how young and vibrant our group was compared to the other schools on the whole. We started chatting and introducing ourselves. It made me feel very comfortable and excited. One of the women went to the restroom and came back to tell us that another woman asked her what school we were from because we appeared to be so friendly and relaxed. It was funny that we stood out that way.

So they gave us some information, told us about the district, what to expect, etc etc.. Then good ol' social time/food came. Our principal and VP came and ate with us. I found out that I was the only teacher who didn't have his keys yet and hadn't been to the school or met with anyone. Yup, I'm behind, but the VP told me it was because I've been busy they didn't want to burden me. I ran into the principal from the Middle School I went to and she gave me this huge hug and told me she was proud of me. Then I recieved another hug from the principal of one of the elementary schools (who happens to be my mom's best friend from high school) She was telling me that the administrators were talking about me the other day..thats a little intimidating.

The second half of the meeting was about how to prepare/what to expect starting now through the second week of school. Suddenly I got really nervous. Since I've yet to meet with my department and didnt have a key, nor decorations for the room, etc etc etc... talking about how to start the class was scary. It really struck me and became a very real thing what I'm about to do (like teach kids not to write sentances like that). But suddenly its not just something coming up that I'm talking about. One of the other teachers said she felt the same, so that helped.

One other funny thing happened. One of the speakers kept talking about this book that is like a modern classic in the teaching world about what how to handle the first days of school. Well, they had an extra copy- the only prize of the whole shin dig. The woman asked anyone who was interested in having a copy of the book to stand. Then, if they had taught previously to sit. Then if you were born in August or September to remain standing. There were three of us standing. I turned to Suzy (who was sitting next to me- the new instramental music teacher) and said "I've got this one." The woman said "Seeing as the first day of school is September 7th.. what is your birthdate?" Needless to say, September 6th won. Everyone clapped for me and I won the book. It was funny that our table stood out again.

Afterwards we met back at the school and got some details about things there, had a small tour. It was really a trip because it was 6th grade registration and I walked in with my ID badge.. I felt so official! Well, I finally got my key and scoped out my room a bit more, met some other teachers, etc. One thing I'm very lucky to have the option of is having supplies provided. You always hear about how teachers have to spend their own money- which is a really wrong thing- but I found myself able to write out a wishlist this afternoon of items for the classroom that i could not afford on my own, and when i get there tomorrow afternoon, it will all be there waiting for me. I'm fortunate to have that available to me.

Well, I am still the greenest employee at the school. All of the other new teachers have either taught somewhere else before, been a substitute in Burbank, or, in the case of Suzy, actually did her student teaching at Muir last year. All in all I'm really excited, and finally being hit with nerves. I do, however, feel like I'm in a very fortunate place all around, like my hard work has paid off. Which is a good feeling because sometimes i wonder about that sort of thing.

So i have only one day this summer with no work/assignments/meetings.. and how am I going to spend it? Working in my classroom!
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