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So reading my friends page with responses and discussions of the RNC sparked up a train of thought I started rolling around a few months ago but never posted or got beyond a few discussion. The quote from Tough Crowd I posted kind of sums it up. This whole bandwagon politics, but even more than that, the surface identification/ stereotyping of political groups and tags without backing or even understanding why.

The best example of something along these lines that got to me was at a friend's party a few months back when the following question was raised:

"Could you have sex with a girl if you knew she was a republican?"

Now, I don't know the people who were discussing this well at all, and we had all been drinking so I can't imagine it was a serious, stone faced question, but it represents the attitude that has been getting to me lately (and I'm quite sure that if she was hot enough, they would all give in, even if she was wearing a BUSH 2004 T-Shirt). I'm not assuming these guys really would act on labels so strictly, but I know some people do. And as time has progressed, and the election getting closer, this attitude just seems to be becoming more and more apparent all across the board.

The foundation for this question is basically that Republicans are bad/close-minded/fill-in-whatever-you-feel-fits here… The idea that you could just discount someone, a peer or politician, because of the letter next to their name on their ballot seems extreme. Doesn't that seem just as close-minded as anything you are opposing? To vote only along party lines</b>? To place your support/criticism not on the actual issues or people, but solely on party affiliation seems close-minded.

For example, I got some heat for voting for Arnold for Governor. This doesn't make me a Republican or for the general Republican agenda, however, I despised Gray Davis. I voted against him for re-election, and as his second term progressed I found myself less and less pleased with him. Taking money away from education; loosening pollution laws to cater to companies who had donated tons to his campaign; developing legislation to loosen the borders. These were things I feel strongly against, and thusly voted as such. So does that make me or my politics bad? Or represents me in some bad light? Something to be held against me? (and it has been at one point). I read up, discussed issues, and voted based on that. To me it seems like I'd be a bigger hypocrite or give my feelings about these issues less credibility if I supported Davis just because he wasn't a republican.

I feel like so many people who are judgmental or faux-political should slow their roll and try to understand, or at least be open/able to discuss people's views (especially opposing ones) so they can better understand them as people and educate themselves deeper about the issues, not just the labels.

I guess people should keep in mind that there is also a difference between "how things should be" and "how a government should act." I mean, looking at issues from the stance of how issues should be handled ideally, compared to how the nation can be serve a giant variety of backgrounds and peoples and world issues forces a person to have to make compromises with their politics, it doesn't mean their bad or unintelligent, to me, being open to hearing both sides takes more intelligence, not a lack of "knowing where you stand." For example, I think that health care should be free to everyone, however, because of money and other factors, it's not possible. Just because I vote a certain way doesn't mean I don't want free healthcare, but to consider the make up of our country and the affects of things outside of healthcare means that I have to find a compromise.

Back to the question of not dating (or simply just having sex with as the question above was) someone because they are republican feels so wrong to me. in politics and ideals you got to look under the surface and the same is true with people. Does hypothetical girl's party affiliation automatically mean she has nothing amazing about her? That you couldn't love her? Now, if you actually do discuss views and how things should be done and have conflicts, that's different. But if discussions or debates are never held judging them on that seems semi-ignorant.

Yeah well, something kind of set me off recently. I just wish people were more able to envision people as a bit more than simple associations or preferences. I just don't want to be judged or viewed as having bad or irresponsible politics by people who don't try and see my point, or worse, are unable to back themselves.. and I don't want other people doing that either- especially if they can't back up their stance, or just see their stance as the "cool" thing to be identified with. I hope my friends are able to look deeper.
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