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And Now For A Few Random Things

I've decided that my first frivolous purchase with my new pay check (when i have money to be frivolous with) will be one of those crazy back massage chairs from Brookstone with the rolly things. Oh yes.

I'm kinda afraid though, knowing my love for food machine infomercials, that I'm going to blow all of my money on this stuff!

I have this friend who hates Tom Lykis, but has recently been proving a bunch of his views as spot on, which is funny. She talks about how rude and sexist he is, but totally fulfils his words. She doesn't mind telling me her view, but I'll keep my mouth shut ;) Without getting on too much of a tangent: no, i dont follow his advice/views or really listen to his show- I see it as parody. However, he and the Stern show bookend my favorite radio show Frosty Heidi and Frank which is not sexist/misogynist/crude and is just funny. I do listen to Stern's newshour which i find amusing, but thats about it... Sometimes i get some flack for that for some reason.

I was flipping channels after lunch and this movie was starting starring Anthony Edwards. It looks like a very cute 80's romance, so I looked it up in the TV Guide to see what it was and the description says "A couple flees to Anarctica to avoid a nuclear holicaust" huh? I liked it as a love story.

And, ladies and gentlemen.. finally (if it works) AN LJ CUT:

This is popbandALICE rocking the show last night

This was my classroom as I first got it

This is Andrea admiring the first of our efforts.

Here I am trying to look like Im taking care of some business in bare feet. Notice the hot new TV that is about to be installed.

This is me at my desk with a weird shaped face. See, its like those digital pics ya'll have.. but this was disposable camera style!

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