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Today I received one of the most flattering, exciting compliments I will probably ever get in my life, and it's made me feel very good about a whole bunch of things I've been thinking over and discussing with some people recently.

I had my first meeting with the English chairs at my school. They told me that when they set up the interview with me they knew they weren't going to hire me. Carol said she just figured they'd be giving me interview practice, they were not going to hire a first time teacher for this position- it was a tough position. However, she says, I went in there and "blew [them] away." She said I was very well composed and presented myself in a great way and was so personable and had good ideas. I swear, as she told me this today I must have been blushing like crazy. I recall leaving that interview going "I said the stupidest things oh man..." and telling myself "well, it was your first interview.."

Hearing this was so satisfying. I have felt that while obviously i had worked hard and had good credentials, knowing the Asst Principal was a big hire point, but it turns out that the AP basically just put in a good word.. to hear that they actually decided not to hire a first timer,and broke that rule as soon as I left the room.. its just very fulfilling. Hard to put into words.

One thing that keeps coming up and is being told to everyone is the conversation that occurred at the end of the interview-

Principal: well, Justin, we're about done. Do you have anything to ask us?
Justin: Did that refrigerator just move?

It really did. The cooler thing in the fridge in the office is lose and makes the fridge bump and when he asked if I has any questions, seriously, that was the only thing I could think of. Carol brought this up again today. I didn't realize it was so funny at the time.. it was more like a nervous twitch.

Anyway, the meeting went well. The teachers are very willing to help me out however I need it and I have a lot of sympathy from them considering I just stopped my student teaching two days ago. This is funny too... They've been wanting to put together a lesson on formal vs informal writing using AIM chat language, but no one around there knows much about chatting, so one of my first projects is going to be to transcribe a passage into net language. LOL.

N-E-WAY. I really like the people I've been meeting. Everyone is very complimentary of each other and the people I have to work with. Everyone just seems very supportive and friendly and very inclusive. I've found myself being very comfortable and not reserved like I would normally be in such a new environment.

Sorry I'm so gushy recently. I'm kinda paranoid about it, but I just really am so very happy with how things are going and I feel very accomplished. So there. And seriously, would you rather read moody, reflective, hypothetical entries? I had been meaning to write those in my last few weeks. But this is much better.

Well, tonight is the school party at Howl At The Moon. Gloria should be here any minute. I wish you all happiness!
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