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A full day at school working, then I helped Jason move. I had a whole bunch of stuff i wanted to write about during my last weeks with this LJ thing.. but I DON'T HAVE ANY TIME! And this week? Yeah, busy every night. I didn't even try! Poor me. hehe. So i havent even been able to keep up with my friends page.. It gives me a small frown.

Well... Man, what to say. My head is so full of things between everything going on and all the people I'm meeting and things I need to consider for work and people I'm spending time with...

Friday Gloria and I hit Howl at the Moon. It was a shindig for my school and they got us new teachers on stage to dance. Two teachers (one that night and one today) told me how funny i was up there. Not sure what I did >shrug< We then headed to Underground for a very short time, but saw quite a few yummy people I was happy to see.

Saturday Andrea took me schoolroom shopping. Dawn just started working at the store-- I saw her with different hair and wasn't sure it was her and she was in a daze of some sort. Well, so we bought posters and supplies, and got hooked up with a nice discount (and a bunch of free books!) We then headed to the school and Andrea became my interior designer. It was a lot of fun, we spent many hours listening to 80's music on STAR, putting up decorations, and setting up the room. (Another teacher saw how my desks were arranged today and stole the design!)

Sunday was good times, a very hot popbandALICE practice followed by a very nice small get together to watch the VMAs. Sure we talked over 90% of it, but it made for really good times. I love having get togethers, especially when people don't know each other. Somehow having people who don't know each other meet and have fun makes me appreciate them all so much more

It was a really good weekend with really good people.
Im sleepy. Off I go.
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