The Writing of the Riner's Bio (lipglosskid) wrote,
The Writing of the Riner's Bio

Porn/Exploitation Poll Part 2

Finally getting around to it:

Thanks to the people who responded to my last poll question. I was kinda hoping for more responses, especially from you girls, because this is really intriguing to me... You may be interested to read some of the responses.

Here is part two though- and a good point of why I'm confused. As represented by feminist zines, and some people I know- Playboy (which contains pictures of naked women generally on their own) is a bad magazine, objectifying and demeaning to women. However, many of them sing the praises or simply support Sucide Girls (a website of "alternative" women/girls posing nude many times with other women and occasionally sex toys).

Why do you think women support to Suicide Girls while having a disdain for Playboy? What makes a something obscene, objectified, or demeaning?
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