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Birthday Weekend

The past two days have been fun, but quite exhausting.

Friday i spent a whole 8 hour day in my classroom. Seeing as it was the last day before the students come i had to get a bunch of stuff straightened out and set up. Andrea came and helped me out for a bit. I like having an assistant. She helped me staple and hole punch my guidelines.. huh? what? YES! I have guidelines. You know those pages you ignored but the teacher acted like they were really important and your parents had to sign them for homework? I HAVE THOSE. Weird. I think I'm ready for school. I have my first two days planned, with some more work to figure out the rest of the week, but I'm pretty darn ready and excited.

Well, we left the school, were joined by Becky and headed to my birthday show! at the Knitting Factory (Becky and Andrea are now BFF which is cool because its basically my two best buddies right now being able to hangout and have fun). I was really tired when we got there, but perked up as the show started. I had so much fun! and things went so well. We sold the night out again and there was a pretty heavy audience the whole night through, which was great. One of the new teachers from my school came and brought friends, but there weren't enough tickets for all of them. Fortunately she got in though. I was so excited to see people there that I don't get to see a lot of, and a couple people brought me some cute gifts- even some really cute handmade ones! wee! So thank you, and I hope you guys all had fun! I was glad you were there!

the popbandALICE set was awesome. For some reason when that band plays the Alterknit it can be quite iffy, but this one seemed to flow perfectly and people were enjoying it- I know i was! The best part though was when i was standing at the edge of the stage with arms extended to suddenly meet with Becky handing me a beer. That's how our rock shows should be! Well, our set was really fun and we sold a pile of our new CD and made some new friends. I was very pleased. Not sure I'll play shoeless again though, my feet hurt! Some people were even dancing to our new songs like i hoped for, so that was great.

Addison came on. Josh announced "I love Justin Riner, but my students are never going to school in his district." Which people cheered for... hmmmm... They, The Fictions, Pretty Scars and Pi is Exactly 3 were all great. No wonder we had a full room the whole night. I was very happy. a great group of friends and music and everything just made for another great birthday party!

Yesturday was a small party at my "uncle" 's place in Silverlake (Andrea) .. yay for Sarah and Nicole.. boo for being utterly exhausted. But it was nice to see everyone and indulge once again in a game of "hide and seek and tackle Justin" which this time had me hiding in the freaking boiling hot attic for way too long.

The night was capped with a really great show at the Hollywood Bowl to see Nickle Creek. Gen went with me and indulged me with wine and chez-its. The show was really good, we got treated to our own box and I even ran into an old friend from High School and her husband (the couple married on July 27th) who is going to have her second baby in October!

So yeah. The weekend isn't half over yet and my birthday hasn't even really passed, but its shaping up to be awesome.

Tonight its a BBQ at Danny's and tomorrow its a birthday dinner... School starts Tuesday!
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