The Writing of the Riner's Bio (lipglosskid) wrote,
The Writing of the Riner's Bio

Song quotes

"So let these tiny acts of charity become common ground
of which to build a monument, to commemorate our time.
And though, you say, you've found another who will surely speed you on your way,
don't let the forest grow over that you came there by..."

(bright eyes)

Over the past few months in my personal journal I've been keeping a list of songs by a wide variety of bands that summed up how I'd been feeling in better words than i could come up with. A couple of those I've had in mind for using today for a summary of sorts.. but none of them fit like the used to in the way they used to. Funny how that works, the words of note change, the sentiments alter. Maybe I shoulda just posted them at the time. Maybe it was just for me.
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