The Writing of the Riner's Bio (lipglosskid) wrote,
The Writing of the Riner's Bio


So, if there is anything that can take me out of my LJ exile it is the girlish excitement about the following thing:

It was a trip on Gilmore Girls last night, when Laine not only mentioned Rilo Kiley, but specifically the relationship between Blake and Jenny and then was playing one song from before the break up to compare to a song after. I was cracking up.

So there.

Meanwhile, school is already at it's fifth week, which is weird. Time has been rushing swiftly past. And it has been so great. I feel so lucky to be doing what I've always wanted to do... And the school I'm at is perfect for me- insanely supportive and very social and open minded. I'm having so much fun and learning a ton. It is quite time consuming here at the start, but I was expecting it to be, so that's not too bad. I also pretty much know where I'm moving at the end of the year, it's not the dream apartment I was going for (which was a bit ambitious), but considering I'm goin to be saving about $700 a month, it's not too much of a compromise.. and I can do more cool things like go up to San Fran for a few days next weekend for the Bridge School Benefit Concert. And hopefully New York next month where I also hope to see RENT.

Well, I should probably get dressed. I am glad that Wednesdays are my days which I don't have to go in until 9am considering how late i was out last night. yikes!

Things are good. Thanks for asking.
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